What is a Visual Survey?

Visual_Survey_Inventory_SheetMoovers offers FREE residential or office visual surveys. What is a visual survey? We come to your specific location and do a walk-through to capture all inventory needing moved. When we come out we hand-write all inventory so we can get specific! We do not use fancy technology that identifies the “antique secretary” that has been in your family for 150 years as a “desk”. We clearly identify each piece so that our moving team knows exactly what they are working with and what equipment to bring to move it safely. Now, with this accurate inventory, we can now provide a more accurate fixed price our hourly quote for your review.

Why Request an In Home Survey?

Moving is chaotic enough, don’t open the door for confusion and miss communication on move day. A visual survey for residential moving assures that all inventory has been accounted for and proper price estimating can be provided. Some moving companies allow you to provide and inventory count over the phone which opens the door for bad service. Sit down today and try to name, off the top of your head, everything you have in each room of your house. Then try to guess on how many boxes you will need, including your clothes and miscellaneous items in the garage. With a home or office survey it removes most of the guesswork.

Save_Money_with_a_visual_surveyWhether you are moving your home or office an onsite visual survey can ultimately save you time and money. With an accurate inventory count and a good start on a box count it reduces surprises on move day. An accurate furniture and box count allows for a better estimation on Moover fixed price or hourly rate quoting. Call Moovers today and set up your FREE in home visual survey.