Moovers frequently asked questions. The FAQ’s below reference almost any question that may come up in the move process. Questions about employees and valuation coverage, fixed rate pricing and hourly pricing and many more. If there are any questions that are not addressed please call us a 1800moovers anytime.

Are your move teams employees of the company or temporary help?

At Moovers we use only our own trucks (expect in special circumstances) and the only people you, as a customer, will work and interact with will be Moovers Moving and Storage employees. We do NOT us temporary help.

Is Moover Moving and Storage bonded, licensed and insured?

It is imperative that you always make sure to verify this about any moving company you consider! And yes, Moovers is fully bonded, licensed and insured to move you both locally and nationally.

We are licensed and insured by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Both Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation and we have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Does Moovers offer storage?

Yes, we also have storage capabilities. Our Sales and Customer Service Team can answer any questions in regards to options and pricing.

Do you move pianos, pool tables and safes?

Yes, our moving team is trained to move a wide variety of pianos, pool tables and safes (with some weight restrictions).

Can I get a Certificate of Insurance for my building?

Yes, we can provide a Certificate of Insurance (or COI) upon completing your reservation if requested or needed. Moovers COI is up to $2,000,000.

Can Moovers help me with packing my items?

Yes, we provide packing services. Please speak with our Sales and Customer Service Team who can answer any question in regards to options and pricing.

What are available payment methods?

We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa), Certified Bank Check, and Postal Money Order.

When do I pay for my move?

For local moves payment is typically collected upon completion of the move, for larger local moves (more than one truck) and over the road moves deposits and specific payment instructions may apply.

How much time should I reserve my move in advance?

If you have specific time and date restrictions try to plan and schedule your move a month in advance; we understand this isn’t always an option less notice is quite common. Please call us anytime and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needed. You may always contact us for a FREE Visual Survey or go to our “Get a Quote” to manage things online.  to get started now.

If something is damaged during my move what is Moovers liability? Will you replace it?

Moovers moving and storage is only liable to replace or repair damaged/missing items if you chose to purchase the Full Valuation Protection for an additional cost.
If you opt for our Standard Valuation Protection which comes with every move, the liability is 60 cents per pound or the cost to repair whichever is lower.

Who do I contact after my move if I have any questions or concerns?

You can always contact our Sales and Customer Service team regarding any questions you have about your upcoming move. Our contact methods are listed here.

What time should I expect the movers to arrive?

We have three delivery windows: 7AM to 11 AM. 10 AM to 2 PM or Noon to 4 PM, depending on the window you typically can expect an arrival within that time slot. The early window you can oftentimes expect an arrival of between 7 AM and 8 AM depending on your location and traffic in the city. Latter windows can vary with arrival times depending the time it takes for the job prior to yours is completed. Please note arrival windows are estimates and that other moves and unexpected delays can occur.

and that other moves and unexpected delays can occur. How late will the movers work?

Unless there are building restrictions or requests from you the customer, our movers will almost always work until the job is complete.

Will weather conditions affect the process of my move?

Weather usually does not affect a move or a move schedule; we employ professional movers who are properly trained, prepared, and fully equipped to handle all moves during any inclement weather. Please call us if you have concerns about weather conditions or have any questions.

How long will the move out take?

The number one determination is the size of your move but the other big factor is how prepared you are to move. Delays occur when packing is not complete, stairs and elevators and walking distance from the home to the truck or truck to the new home. Please go over all details with our Sales Consultants so they can best estimate the move time for you.

How many movers do you provide?

Our move teams range from 2 to 8 professional movers depending on your job size.

Will the movers unmount my television?

Movers can help you unmount your TVs if low enough on the wall, electronics that were professionally installed should be uninstalled the same way. We are here to help and will do all we can to accommodate your move needs to the best of our abilities. All TVs should be packed in their original boxes or TV boxes purchased.

Will the movers disconnect our washer/dryer and refrigerator water lines?

Due to liability issues, our movers are not to uninstall/install waterlines or gas lines; we are professional movers but not professional plumbers or technicians. If you require assistance with any of these items we are happy to help but require a document be signed to release Moovers of any liability.

Can I leave while the movers are moving me?

Ideally we request customers to be available all day on their move day so you can oversee the process and answer any questions that might arise (where would you like the furniture placed in the new home type questions), if you cannot be home please work to find another adult to be present. This is for yours and our protection.

Can I get boxes from Moovers?

We are happy to provided boxes and your Sales Team member can assist you with pricing. We offer all sizes (small, medium, large, dishpack, wardrobe, picture and tv boxes plus all other necessary packing materials) and will deliver orders of $200 or more at no cost in the metropolitan area.

Can I leave items in my dresser or chest of drawers?

If you have large already heavy furniture then please pack up all items in furniture with doors and drawers on them. For smaller dressers and the like, lightweight clothing can stay in the drawers (not doors) but only cloth made items. Please don’t treat a furniture piece like a suitcase and jam in full of clothes – the excess weight can compromise the integrity of the furniture piece.

Will you move plastic bags?

Obviously we can move luggage and duffel bags but plastic bags can rip easily and they tend to bounce around the truck which makes them not ideal for moving. We will accommodate you the best we can but plastic bags are not ideal, if we do move them the must be securely sealed.

What are items I should move myself or keep with me?

Items that are difficult to pack or would take more time to pack then to just move in your car are ideal candidates for you to handle; items like lamps, wall clocks or pictures, or large décor items (vases or decorative pots) fall into this category. Also, items you feel are super important (grandma’s china) and jewelry and other heirloom items might also be beneficial for you to take. We can take all these items no problem, just please make sure they are packed appropriately.

Are there extra charges for wrapping and padding my furniture?

No. We always pad wrap and protect your items with moving blankets and some items will even be shrink wrapped before placing them on the truck.

Are tips appropriate? How much?

If the movers provide 5 star service then tips are customer but in no way mandatory. Tip amounts vary and often times are consistent with the size of the move; moving is a service industry so what you feel is appropriate is always appreciated by the guys.

How large is your moving truck?

Our straight or box trucks are 26’ long which equates to approximately 10x20 storage unit.

Am I allowed on the moving truck?

Unfortunately, this is not an option due to safety and insurance reasons.