Packing_ServicesDo you see kitchen cupboards, closets or storage rooms full of items? Are you wondering how am I going to get this all packed because there are a million things to do? Would you like to know if anyone offers packing services? At Moovers, we understand how stressful and exhausting the move experience can be even with us doing the heavy lifting. The reality is, packing can be equally exhausting tedious work and sometimes even more so than the move. You already have a lot going on in preparations for the move and trying to get settled.

Whether you are a residential move or office move, we have the packing service for you.  Moovers packing services can help with the entire home or office or just a few areas to take some of the pressure off. With transitioning utilities, doing inspections and picking out colors for the new home, who has time for anything else?  If moving day is quickly approaching and you are still not packed, let us give you a hand. Just give us a call and Moovers can oftentimes have packers available within 24-48 hours. The more notice the better but always call if you need help regardless of the notice.


Full PackServicesMoovers_Full_Packing_Services

How would you like to be able to step aside and let professionals pack everything you own? Giving you extra time so you can focus on all the other details associated with moving. Moovers most popular packing and time saving service is the “full pack”. The full pack is where we remove all packing concerns from your plate. We will provide a team of packing professionals to your home to fulfill all packing needs from basements to attics. We will arrive at your home with materials in tow and get to work packing away. Books to lamps, dishes and knickknacks, if it fits in a box we will get it packed.

Partial Packing Services

Kitchen_Packing_Services_MooversFeeling a little zealous and planning to do the bulk of your packing yourself? Have no problem taking care of your closets and knickknacks around the house? Dreading the thought of all the cups, dishes and ceramic teddy bears and wrapping each of them in paper? Then Moovers partial packing services can get you over that hump. If you want help with the tedious stuff or the garage and basement then give us a call. We can have two or three of our packing professional pack it all away. Any stuff you want to do yourself – go for it! Anything you want help with, we are hear for you, so call us today to set up your free visual survey.

Un-Packing Services

Are you ready to be done with this whole move process, we can make the day after the move much easier if needed. Our unpacking services bring our team members to your home the day after your move to unpack boxes and haul them away. We will unpack items and neatly place them on the counter tops, beds or floors, whatever makes things easier. We understand that you have your special organization so we leave the putting up and away to you. Finally, we will haul away all the boxes so your home is clutter free and ready for your final finishing touches.