Long Distance Moving Services

Long Distance Moving

Moving is already a stressful situation but making it a move across the country makes it more so. Long distance moving can increase this anxiety and the level of intensity by a significant amount. NO room for errors here. These types of moves can be a result  of a relocation for work or just transplanting your family. Whatever the need to move out of town might be Moovers long distance moving services are here to help and make your life easier. Our FREE in home Visual Surveys can accurately calculate your long distance needs for a safe and smooth transition. If packing services or storage services are part of the equation Moovers can provide assistance.

Moovers primary focus is local and midwest relocating services. From both our KC and St. Louis locations we travel all over the central part of the United States. Our long distance services extend out primarily to Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa and Illinois but beyond as well. No long waits for your personal possessions so no worry moving! Often times Moovers delivers to your new location within thirty-six hours and sometimes sooner. Imagine, you head out of town to Denver CO and the next day all your personal items are professionally delivered right to your doorstep? Moovers can do it with no hassle or headaches. Call us for a quick consultation to get the ball rolling at 816-795-7283 or visit our website for a quick quote at 1800moovers.com.

Long Distance Moving Services?

Packing Services and Moving Assistance

Relocating for your work or moving out of town for any reason? At Moovers we will get your belongings moved safely and without delay. Do you need helping packing and organizing prior to your move? Moovers will come out up to a week prior to move day to get things packed properly for long distance travel. Oftentimes, some of the same packer(s) will be part of your move team so you have the same faces with you throughout the entire process. At Moovers it is all about the service, taking the stress out of your hands and placing it in ours. Call today for a FREE in home visual survey and lets get your ready to roll.


Quick Long Distance Delivery

No Delays In Receiving Your Personal Belongings

Are you worried about not seeing your stuff for a week or two? choose Moovers for your long distance move and that worry will disappear. You will have everything, often times, the next day or no worse than 48 hours depending on your long distance destination. Typically within 48 hours Moovers will unload your belongings and place them in the appropriate rooms as you direct. Anything we disassembled at the origin we will reassemble in your new location so it feels like home your first night. We work with your schedule on over the road moves and can work with your schedule seven days a week. You let us know what your needs are and we'll build the move around them. Call us at 1800moovers to get all your questions answer and the process started. We are here to help.