Residential_Moving_ServicesResidential moving services are our expertise.

Our residential moving services is why we came to be. Moovers has 15 years of history in Kansas City and 600 4.6 star Google reviews. Our moves are typically one to five bedroom homes but we also handle smaller moves like apartments and retirement communities. No move or item is out of our realm of expertise. We move pianos, pool tables and safes up to 600 pounds. We have almost every piece of equipment on each truck to assure we are equipped to handle anything. Although we also do long distance moves and office moves, our local residential moving services is our forte.

Packing services and storage services

We can do the heavy lifting but Moovers can also handle all other ancillaries that go with our residential moving services. If packing is not your thing or after a few rooms you have had enough, let us help. Moovers packing services can help with the kitchen, that cluttered storage area or the entire house. No job is too big, our professional packers can make it happen and always have plenty of packing materials.

In addition to packing services Moovers also offers short term and long term storage services. Our climate controlled, key-fob and security camera secure clean facility we can handle any short or long-term stay. Is the new home you are building not going to meet the deadline of the closing on your old? Did your old home sell faster than you thought and you haven’t found a new? Or, do you just need some storage while you are staging your old home to sell. Whatever situation you are presented with, we are here to solve the problem. We can load up all you need stored and secure in our storage vaults that will contain your items only. Call us about your packing and storage challenges and we will help solve your problems.

Moovers residential moving services, combined with our packing and storage services make us the versatile company in town. If you are moving locally or a long distance Moovers has a solution for you. Call us today and set up a FREE in home visual survey so we can assess your specific needs. Or visit our online quote option so we can get the ball rolling.

Residential Moving Services - Hourly Rate Moves

You Control the Time We Are Working For You

Our movers are highly skilled professionals and have years of experience. They move fast, safe and efficient. Our pay by the hour moves will assure that you pay no more or less than the time it took. We bill in 15 minute increments after the 1st two hours and the clock does not start until we arrive at your home. We stop the clock when the last item is placed in your new home and your paperwork is complete. Hourly moves give you the flexibility to control how much or how little time we are helping you. Click the link for a quick or full quote.


Residential Flat Rate Move

Classic moving package

Our Flat Rate or Guaranteed price moves are almost always a customer favorite. If you know exactly what needs to be moved then a guaranteed price may be the ticket. The best way to insure accurate quoting is by requesting a FREE visual survey. For moves with a lot of inventory (multiple bedroom homes) a visual survey is a must. Remember, accurate inventory is key. No worries on how long the move is taking because you know exactly what the move will cost regardless of time. If you know exactly what you want moved then call for a quote or use our online quoting system to get things moving.


Full Service Move - Packing and Move

We Do It All!

Here is how it works. We start by assessing your move needs with a FREE in-home visual survey. Once we have discussed all the details to make sure we haven't missed a thing we make your move as easy on you as possible. We will come to your home up to a week in advance to start the packing process. Packing can take one to three days to complete but regardless of time we will make sure the job gets done. Next, we come to your home first thing in the morning and get all your items disassembled and loaded onto our truck(s). Finally, we deliver, the same day, all your items to your new home and reassemble whatever we took down. After all is complete, throw some sheets on the bed and you are ready for your first night in your new home. For our full service move please call us directly to start the process.


Out of Town Move

Door to door in 48 hrs. or less

Not moving locally, Moovers offers long distance moving services as well. Whether you are moving a 100 miles away or 700 miles away we can get you there. No need to wait seven to ten days to get your belongings, Moovers can have them unloaded in your new home within 24 to 48 hours in ninety percent of our moves. We load you up in the morning day one and quite often we have you unloaded before dinner time the next day. Our pricing is competitive and our service is outstanding. No strangers or temporary help at the unload, the same Moovers professionals will make the trip and be with you the entire time.


Small Residential Moves

Downsizing or Just Moving Things Around the House

Having new hardwoods or carpet put in and need some items moved into the garage for a week and then back in, Moovers can help. Need to move a piano to your sister's house, Moovers can help. Need to get that kid out of the basement, Moovers can help. Downsizing a family member with just a few items, Moovers can help. Unloading a storage container dropped in your driveway, Moovers can help. We know how important every type of move is to our customers to we can do it all. Call us and let us do the heavy lifting.