Move Preparation – Get ready for your move

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your moving needs and we look forward to seeing you soon. Below you will find some move preparation “Moving TIPS” to help ensure that you are ready to have a safe and happy move.

Boxing Move Preparation:

  • BOX EVERYTHING. “If it fits in a box it should be packed in a box”. Pack everything in a box to ensure it’s safe move. This includes items such as lampshades, glassware, personal items, lightbulbs, electronics, mirrors, and pictures and any other important items. If it is loose and can fit in a box then please pack it.
        • Fill your boxes top to bottom and corner to corner to make sure they are properly packed. Utilizing additional paper or packing material can help accomplish this important step. You have packed a box correctly if you feel nothing shift when you gently jostle it from side to side. If you hear or feel something shift then that can lead to breakage and poor stack-ability. 
        • Use small and medium boxes for books, dishes and heavier items. If a box is overweight it will be more difficult to move and the integrity of the box cannot be guaranteed.
        • Under-packed boxes cannot be stacked upon and the contents are not safe and secure. They also can crush under weight causing box stacks to fall over. 
        • When you pack your plastic totes make sure they are also full to eliminate breakage. Totes are best for non-breakables and heavier items. 
        • Customers should box and move all of their “Personal Items” and Items of Value.


    • SEAL & LABEL EVERYTHING. To make sure your things move quickly and efficiently on move day please label all boxes so they are clearly notated as to where they go in the new home. Poor labeling adds time and money to your move and can lead to boxes in the wrong part of the house.  Utilizing these simple TIPS below as part of your move preparation will help eliminate or reduce mistakes significantly.
        • Tape tops and sides of boxes thoroughly. Doing this secures items in the box and allows for better stacking and packing in the truck
        • Label items clearly on where they need to be placed in the home:
            • Heavy black writing on the SIDES of all the boxes stating which room or floor a box needs to be placed can help reduce confusion.
            • Using different colored tape or stickers can clearly represent a floor or room items go to. Also put that same colored tape on a door or door frame so to make it easy for the mover to know where each box goes. Colored post-it notes can also work but come off easily.

Packing Move Preparation:

    • DRESSERS & CHEST OF DRAWERS. It is alright for customers to leave light clothing in their Dressers, Chest of Drawers and the like as long as they are in a drawer. Armoires and furniture pieces with doors should be completely pack up. Please do not leave any loose miscellaneous items in any drawers (nightstand, end tables) because these items can be leaned, flipped, or turned during the moving process. Loose items can shift, break, and/or fall behind drawers and out of the piece of furniture causing damage or loss. Most furniture was not designed to hold heavy items which can challenge it’s integrity. The only material that can be kept in a drawer for moving is cloth so everything else should be packed in a box. Packing services are available at the customer’s request.


  • CLEAR OFF FURNITURE! Movers are not allowed to touch or move customer’s individual items in an attempt to clear off a piece of furniture to be moved. This is for your protection and the movers. In addition, if overly dusty or dirty please wipe down or vacuum as part of your move preparation so as not move to your new clean home. 
  • CLEAR PATHWAYS! For efficiency, safety and cost savings, please have your home or apartment organized as part of your move preparation. Clear pathways and areas in such a way so that your movers can move items safely in and out of your residences.
  • SECURE PARKING! This is critical for apartment complexes or similar and homes without driveway access. Long walks or insufficient parking space can add time and money to your move. Contact your landlord to get parking access for move day.
  • ELEVATORS. If elevators need to be utilized for your move in our out of you residence please secure or reserve the use of the freight elevator if available. Your landlord or apartment management would be able to direct you on how to do this. If using a people elevator please make sure Moovers is aware so that time can be allotted accordingly.

Large Appliances and Waterlines:

  • REFRIGERATORS & FREEZERS. All items must be removed from refrigerators and freezers as part of your move preparation. The water lines should be drained and disconnected and freezers defrosted if applicable. All water supplies to these types of appliances must be shut off. Be aware that waterlines to refrigerators oftentimes do not shut off completely. Main waterlines should be turned off so as to prevent damage in the home. Moovers may help if asked to disconnect and reconnect but is not responsible for any damage resulting from waterlines.
  • WASHERS & DRYERS. Please disconnect all waterlines if possible, Moovers can help but are not responsible for waterlines or any damage that may result for disconnecting or reconnecting. Purchase new washer hoses for your new home because rubber washers in the original old hoses can be deteriorated and leak when set up. 

Miscellaneous Part 1:

  • KIDS & PETS. Please keep children and pets out of the direct path of the movers. If possible, arrange to have a babysitter watch your children at an offsite location as part of your move preparation. Prior to the movers’ arrival kennel pets or place them in a room that will not be accessed by the movers.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER. We move in rain or snow. In the event of severe weather Moovers will notify you should the scheduling need to be changed.
  • ACCESSING ATTICS & CRAWLSPACES. If we are moving items with an attic or crawlspace, the area must have a solid, fastened sub-floor with a safe sizable entry and exit point. Moovers must be indemnified of all liability by the customer in the event of an accident or damage involving a crawlspace.
  • PARTICAL BOARD ITEMS. These types of “Ready to Assemble Furniture” must be disassembled to manageable pieces by the customer. These items made of engineered wood (pressed board, particle board or glue board) and paper laminate finish carry an inherent risk due to the substandard structural integrity of the piece. Moovers cannot accept liability for any type of engineered wood if damaged or broken.

Miscellaneous Part 2:

  • IKEA. Most IKEA items are manageable but on occasion a piece will require such complex disassembly and assembly that movers cannot be responsible for nor do. Some pieces are extremely challenging and may carry a surcharge.
  • DISASSEMBLY & REASSEMBLY. Moovers will happily manage these processes for the customer in almost all cases. If you have items requiring disassembly and/or reassembly please let your customer service representative know when scheduling your residential or office move.
  • NON-ALLOWABLES. We cannot move hazardous materials (flammable, corrosive, or explosive items) and perishables (food, plants, or living items). Close and tape shut all of your boxes or they may not be taken. Remember to remove propane tanks from grills and firepits.
  • KEYS IN HAND. Please be prepared to move out and in to old and new locations, delays in closings or other issues related to accessing storage units or residences are the customer’s responsibility. Moovers will remain on the clock for hourly moves or additional charges may apply for quoted/guaranteed moves if delays occur.
  • ON-SITE It is ideal for the customer to have a minimum of two people on site to answer the mover’s questions and for logistical reasons. The customer, or someone designated by the customer, should always be on it during the move process. We cannot complete a move unless this is the case.
  • HAULING AWAY. Moovers is happy to take away “furniture” that is in-tact at a charge of $30 per item. We DO NOT take trash or loose miscellaneous items.
  • ACCESS TO TRUCKS. Customers are not allowed to use any equipment owned by Moovers or be on or in a truck for liability reasons.