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Moving to a new place comes with its bevvy of emotions: excitement, thrill, wonder and . . . . . dread? Even if you are moving to the location of your dreams, the actual act of moving is often a dreadful experience. Nobody wants to pack all those boxes, maneuver odd-shaped furniture through doorways or play a live game of Tetris loading the moving truck only to undo it all upon arrival at the new destination. It all sounds just exhausting, right?

Instead of turning a dreamy new adventure into a nightmare experience, call Moovers of Kansas!


Since 2005, our skilled movers have made moving easy for thousands of Kansas residents and now, it’s your turn to enjoy simple, hassle-free moving without worrying about the safety of your most-treasured belongings or inflated fees and hidden costs.

We deliver top-notch moving services including packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking of all your belongings—even fine wine collections, relished works of art and over-sized furniture and antiques. And, every package is tagged with a low, no-haggling, fixed rate.


Whatever your moving needs, we have the perfect package options ranging from the most popular, The Complete Kitchen Packing Move, all the way up to deluxe with The Full Service Move. Choose a package that fits your move and your budget and get a full range of moving services for one low set price*.

Package options include:


The Packed and Ready to Move. You handle the packing and we will arrive with the truck, equipment and movers to handle loading, transport and unloading.


The Complete Kitchen Packing Move. We Company will professionally pack all the delicate china, stemmed glassware and polished silver – every intricate detail of your kitchen.


One Item Move. Over-sized couches, L-shaped executive desks and grand pianos are just a few of the items our skilled movers can safely load, store and transport from one location to another.


Load or Unload Only Move. Rent your own truck, pack your own boxes and let us do the heavy lifting—all those boxes and furniture will be loaded or unloaded by a team of expert movers.


The Full Service Move. Sit back, relax and let us ensure moving is as easy as taking a vacation. This deluxe package includes a Moving Coach to oversee all the nuances of your move from wrapping and packing to loading and transport and unloading and unpacking at your final destination. Moving made easy.


We offer convenient scheduling. Whether you need to move on a weekend, a holiday, a scorching-hot day or in the midst of the blistery cold, your moving needs are covered. Using state-of-the-art equipment and certified, pre-screened movers, a safe move is guaranteed. All trucks are climate-controlled and equipped with pads, dollies, ropes and other essentials to move your home or business with top-rate care and efficiency from city to city or coast to coast.


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Long distance or local moves anywhere in the continental United States. Thousands of people just like you have trusted us to move their home or business over the last ten years. Big move or small move, trust Moovers to handle all your moving needs. Call our Kansas office today at 1-800-MOOVERS for your free quote and discover the best, stress-free moving experience.



Whether you’re looking to move down the street or across the country, we’re here for you. 
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